HELICON (내첨용 대전 방지제)
Markets ESD Packaging Products, Clan Room Equipments and Accessories, Imaging Printer rollers.
Material Details ESD / Anti-Static Additives based on Ion –Complex Type Conducting Polymers.
Key Properties - Colorless Clear Solution as an additive.
- Conductivity Rang : 10⁷~10⁹Ω/ sq.
- Wide Applications: PP,PE,PE,ABS, EPP, EPS, PU, TPU and Rubbers
- Non –carbon , Non –Halogen , Non –heavy metals.
Applications - Clan Room Floor Tiles (PVC or Rubbers).
- Clan Room Shoe Sole, Groves and etc.
- Anti-Static PVC or Rubbers Tiles ESD Paintings.
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